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Solid Waste Management

What is the Solid Waste Treatment Plant?

PC Engineering residential, commercial & municipal solid waste treatment plant is a solid waste disposal facility consisting of different devices and combining with different sorting methods to separate useful resources out from the municipal solid waste. After processed by the MSW treatment plant, the municipal solid waste can be divided into different parts according to different raw materials, which can be further processed into valuable products by related machines. In a word, the plant can not only remove waste pollution and improve the environment but also create great profits and drive the economy.

 How Does the Garbage Treatment Plant Work?

 1. After entering the field, the municipal solid waste will be unloaded on the discharge platform, and then sent to the scale plate feeder by the hopper. The uniform distributing machine and scale plate feeder are coordinated with each other to rotary, which plays a role in uniform distributing, to ensure that the follow-up equipment can work normally and efficiently.

 2. After uniformly distributed, the solid waste is sent to the manual sorting platform by belt conveyor, where the workers will sort and select the large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, trunk, branches, long sticks, brick and stones, bottles, etc.) and hazardous waste. The bag breaker can break up the garbage wrapped in plastic bags for further sorting.

 3. After sorted by manual, the garbage will be sent into screening machine by belt conveyor for screening treatment. According to the technical requirement, we set the sieve plate diameter of the rotary screening machine as 50mm. The machine can divide the garbage into two parts: large than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. The garbage smaller than 50mm is mainly organic matter, and the iron objects in this part of organic matter can be selected out by the hanging magnetic separator, and then is directly sent into compost workshop for treatment.

 4. The iron materials larger than 50mm (mainly iron beverage cans and iron cans) can be sorted out by magnetic separation. Then the other garbage larger than 50mm is sent into winnowing machine by the belt for wind election treatment. The comprehensive winnowing machine can sort the garbage on the screen out and divide into three parts: the light plastic waste; heavy materials (bricks and tones, rubber shoes, tiles, glass, etc.); secondary heavy materials (hard plastic, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

 Of course, the above-said process is not always fixed. On the contrary, when the customers order a waste separation machine, they can adjust the configuration freely according to their real needs and the suggestions of PC Engineering engineers. We can provide customizing service for each customer.


What Can We Get from the Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant?

Since the municipal solid waste treatment plant is also called MSW sorting machine, we, of course, will get classified garbage from it.  The separated garbage can be sold directly or further processed by related machines to produce useful resources with higher prices and values, which can create great profits for our customers.

Main products
Corresponding equipment
Final resources
Construction waste
Dust, earth, sand, stone, broken glasses, etc.
Brick production line
Bricks for building;
Green waste (biomass waste)
Tree leaves, grass, fruit shells, wood, straw, etc.
Charcoal making machine
Carbonized into charcoal powder, which can be deep processed into briquettes for BBQ;
Organic waste
Food remaining, faeces, straw, tree branches, etc.
Biogas plant
Biogas to generate electricity;
Metal products such as caps, battery, etc.
Metal plant
Sold directly or smelt for making new metal products;
Plastic waste
PET fibers production line
Processed into flakes, and then processed into fibers, which can be used for making clothes, pillow inner, bolster, etc.;
PP, PE, ABS, PS, etc.
Auto packing machine
Packed and then sold directly;
PCE pyrolysis equipment
Converted into fuel oil and carbon black for higher values.

Solid waste treatment plant cost analysis report

There are many factors that influence the cost of the solid waste disposal system. The following is a simple analysis of the solid waste treatment equipment cost. If you want to learn more details, please contact us directly.

1. The waste disposal equipment price: it is the most important factor to influence the cost. We can promise that the waste sorting treatment equipment manufactured by PCE has the highest quality but lowest prices. Moreover, we can help you to get financial support from your government.

2. The charge of manual: we have equipped four manual sorting platforms with the plant. But the other steps are all automatic and mechanized, so the charge of manual is necessary but quite low.

3. The cost of raw materials: the materials for the waste treatment plants are usually municipal solid waste, construction waste, household waste and so on. These materials are common and rich in our daily life, which determines the low cost of production.

4. The cost of occupied space: different models have different sizes of occupied space. Before you plant to set up the garbage sorting system, you need to make sure the available space in your place. 

PCE SWM - 200
PCE SWM -400
Raw materials
Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
5 T/H
Working time
20 hours
20 hours
20 hours

5. The other production costs: such as the cost of electricity, depreciation, maintenance, etc. We can promise that our machine has a lower failure rate, to ensure a high-quality and durable machine for you.