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Volleyball Violations Learn the basic rules in volleyball. Voll eyball violations such as double hit, lift, player in the net, and out of rotation. Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously.

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Using a closed fist is a huge help in avoiding being called for a lift. While it’s still possible to contact the ball in a lifting violation with a closed fist, it’s much less likely. When you hit the ball with your fist, it’s much more of a punch or a “pop” than a dragging motion through the air.

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There are a couple of moments during volleyball matches where it may look like a lift violation has occurred, but it’s not called. The first such instance is the net battle. If a player from each team goes to block a ball and they hold the ball above the net together, it’s not considered a lift despite the ball being held from motion.

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Volleyball violations happen because the server will do everything to make it difficult for you or one your passer's to pass the ball perfectly up to your setter. (Richard Yuan) They are going to serve as tough or as strategically as possible to force a passing error so your team cannot run an offensive play against them.

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The following are some basic volleyball rules for violations. The result of a violation is a point for the opponent. When serving, stepping on or across the service line as you make contact with the serve; Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully; Contacting the ball illegally (lifting, carrying, throwing, etc. )

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Determine whether or not the ball was hit with an open hand. If the palm is facing upward and not in a closed fist, a lift or carry should be called if the ball strikes the hand. Check for backspin on the ball. If the player makes too much contact on the ball, more than likely backspin will be created on the ball.

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If you reach over the net to play the ball while it’s still on the other side of the net, it’s a violation unless: The other team has already used all 3 of their hits. There are no players close enough to make a play on the ball.

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