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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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    After HBO Max blamed an intern for mistakenly sending confusing email to subscribers, Twitter defended the intern assuring it will get better.

  • taco bell employee jump into sink, taco bell man cannonball into sink, fast food employee jump into kitchen sink, viral videos, odd news, indian express

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    Steven Pauley, 20, signed out in an epic way filming himself jumping into a wash basin filled with detergent, and probably some utensils as well.

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  • ukraine handcuffed couple, handcuffed couple break up, ukraine couple handcuff separate, odd news, weird news, viral news, indian express

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    The Ukrainian couple split up after 123 days handcuffed together, shedding their bonds on national TV and saying the experiment had brought home uncomfortable truths.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo cocacola, cocacola parody videos, ronaldo cocacola challenge, real reason why ronaldo removed cocacola, indian express

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    After witty jokes and memes subsided, people around the globe are creating parody videos, recreating Cristiano Ronaldo moment with various items.

  • boyfriend designs dress girlfriend viral twitter story, graduation dress twitter reaction, boyfriend designs dress trending news, indian express, indian expres news

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    The viral post was flooded with netizens lauding the boyfriend for putting in all the extra efforts to make a dress for his partner’s graduation.

  • Pakistan, Mahirah Khan, Pak Artist Uber driver sad song viral video, cab driver conversation twitter reactions, cab driver trending, indian express, indian express news

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    Since being shared online, the post has garnered over 37,000 views and impressed many, including Pakistani actor Mahira Khan.

  • what is the position of bangladesh in odi cricket ranking according to icc

    The act filmed by a local reporter and security guard triggered debate on a law that lowered the punishments for non-violent crimes like shoplifting.

  • hippo crushes watermelon, hippopotamus crushes watermelon, hippopotamus watermelon, Timothy the hippo, watermelons, san Antonio zoo, Timothy San Antonio zoo, viral videos, trending videos, trending news, 2021 kabaddin Express news

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    This is not Timothy’s first claim to fame. The hippo has been in the news multiple times in the past and has an active Twitter handle. Recently, he was in the news for his dolphin-like performance at the Texan zoo.

  • Ronaldo Coca Cola memes, Ronaldo Coca Cola, Ronaldo, Coca Cola, Ronaldo removes cola bottles, euro 2020 Coca Cola, euro 2020, euro 2020 Ronaldo, Ronaldo memes, Coca Cola memes, trending news, 2021 kabaddin Express news

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    Ahead of Portugal’s first game of the tournament, Ronaldo picked up two bottles of coke from his table and moved them away. He then picked up a water bottle and said: “agua (water)”.

  • dog stops baby stairs video, dogs stops baby, dog baby stairs video, puppy with baby video, Great Dane video, Babies with dogs video, viral video, trending video, trending news, indian express news

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    Interestingly, the dog remains seated on the first step of the staircase and continues to discourage the baby till he turns around and crawls in the other direction.

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  • Boston terrier owner falls viral video, Westminster Dog Show agility competition, viral video, funny clips, twitter reactions, indian express, indian express news

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    While the fall clearly slowed down Ripple, the dog still managed to finish the run.

  • desi sibling conversation, desi family response, desi sibling tweets, desi sibling funny, asian family funny, desi twitter, funny tweets, trending news, indian express news,

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    The Twitter user had stuck a sticky note on her fridge, asking her sibling to wake her up when they left for school. However, the sibling had no plans of complying and cheekily responded with a similar sticky note.

  • delta flight, delta flight passenger viral video, off-duty flight attendant, unruly’ off-duty flight attendant viral video, aircraft bizarre incdient, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    The incident took place inside Delta Flight 1730 from Los Angeles to Atlanta, where many passengers and crew members had to contain the off-duty attendant.

  • unique names, baby named HTML, newborn unusual name, web developer dad names son HTML, odd news, bizarre news, viral news, indian express

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    A Facebook post by the newborn’s aunt went viral after she welcomed her nephew and announced his name — Hypertext Markup Language Rayo Pascual (HTML).

  • cocaine washed ashore florida beach, patrick space base cocaine, sea turtle surveyor cocaine, odd news, bizarre news, indian express

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    The sea turtle nesting surveyor stumbled on 30 kg of cocaine washed ashore in tightly wrapped packages and she alerted the security forces.

  • elon musk, miley cyrus, Anonymous hacker, musk Anonymous hack, hannah montanna memes, elon musk memes, funny news, indian express

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    After Miley Cyrus’ sarcastic tweet, Elon Musk also played along and said that it wasn’t his fault as “133T H4X0R”, a slang for elite hacker, got his phone.

  • News anchor interrupted sea shanty singers Israel parliamentary vote, live tv bloopers,Israel parliamentary vote, Israel, twitter reactions, indian express, indian express news

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    In the 20-second clip, which has now gone viral on social media, Gorani is seen reporting as a group sings the traditional sea shanty in the background.

  • Suez Canal, Suez Canal collage, Suez Canal collage from ISS, French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA, European space agency, Trending news, 2021 kabaddin Express news

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    Pesquet’s digitally created image features the canal’s two parallel waterways and its five intersections. The image also features the ‘Ever Given’, a cargo ship that blocked the waterway for over a week back in March.

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  • angry pakistani meme guy, Pakistani cricket meme guy, Pakistani meme guy, angry Pakistani fan meme, angry Pakistani fan, cricket fan meme, cricket memes, cricket, cricket World Cup 2019, trending news, 2021 kabaddin Express news

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    Many cricket accounts gave Muhammad Sarim Akhtar a shoutout on June 12, on the second ‘anniversary’ of the fan’s remarkable expression.

  • Man battling ALS, als daughter-father dance viral video, daughter father dance video twitter reactions, father-daughter wedding dance, indian express, indian express news

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    “A sweet moment filled with love never to be forgotten… What an amazing family you have Dakota thank you for sharing,” read one of the many comments on the viral clip. 

  • Novak Djokovic, Novak Djokovic Frech open, Novak Djokovic French open victory viral video, Novak Djokovic give title winning racket tot fan, Novak Djokovic give racket to boy, Novak Djokovic French open winner 2021, Viral video , Trending news, 2021 kabaddin Express news

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    The viral video shows Djokovic, at the end of his four-hour-11-minute final on Sunday, walking up to the boy who was seated at the front row area and handing over his racket. The boy then jumps up in utter disbelief and joy.

  • Pakistan, Donald trump, trump lookalike, doppelganger, trump ice cream seller lookalike, trump lookalike pakistan, indian express

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    The middle-aged man wearing a kurta pajama, supposedly suffering from albinism, has blond hair and a physique similar to Trump and he was seen singing soulfully beside his cart.

  • dolphin bite six year old, dolphin bite, dolphins, six year old bitten by dolphin, dolphinarium, Ukraine dolphin, dolphin videos, viral videos, trending videos, trending news, indian express news

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    According to the post on Instagram that has now gone viral, the scary incident took place at Nemo Dolphinarium at the Black Sea resort in Ukraine.

  • pulitzer prize, indian journalist pultizer award, megha Rajagopalan, buzzfeed reporter pulitzer, indian dad pulitzer reaction, viral news, indian express

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    Megha Rajagopalan is among two 2021 kabaddin-origin journalists who won the US’ top journalism award on Friday. Tampa Bay Times’ Neil Bedi won for local reporting.

  • g7, g7 2021 summit, g7 uk summit, g7 2021 group photo, g7 cornwall photo memes, g7 summit memes, g7 family photo, g7 summit updates, indian express

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    Although the leaders at the G7 summit were smiling, the photograph has started a conversation online, with many saying it looked “awkward”.

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