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New discovery: The symbol of a fish appears above the first coir band, on the top-most level of the ring well  

soccer vista home,The only ring well with patterned twin coir bands, unearthed during the seventh phase of excavations in Keeladi three months ago, has thrown up another surprise — on the top most of its seven levels, a decorated fish symbol has been found incised.

It appears above the first coir band, carved with thumb impressions. The shape of the fish, with tail, fins and scales, is clear. Only the part with its head is broken. The terracotta ring well, with rope design, was first exposed in July. As the seventh round of excavations drew to a closure last month-end, archaeologists traced it up to a depth of 140 cm, with six rings interlocked one below the other. The seventh layer was found broken. The trenches at the site have been left open because work for the on-site museum is on. ,ncaa basketball online game

The pits are covered with tarpaulin sheets when it rains. Towards September end, when the staff were taking drone photographs of the antiquities embedded on the walls of the eight quadrants, an outline of a fish was spotted on the outer surface of the ring well.,basketball system rules

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Seven ring wells have been excavated so far in Keeladi, and of these, two were exposed in the seventh round. The fifth phase unearthed three, the highest so far. The ring wells found in Keeladi not only testify the science behind building the structures, but also their aesthetic sense, said deputy director of the Department R. Sivanandam.,basketball hoops for yard

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